Renewable Energy

Renewable energy is a cross-cutting investment sector for MicroDahab as products in this category are financed through our sector-specific portfolios in Agribusiness, livestock etc.;             PROJECTS ... Read More

Women and Youth Entrepreneurship 

Women and Youth Entrepreneurship  Women in the Somali Corridors are still hugely unbanked or more under-banked than men. Women dominate the Micro and Small Enterprises (MSE) in ... Read More


Fishing The challenges of working in this sector have been numerous, however,             PROJECTS Financing (fuel, ice, nets & food) for boat owners Financing (fish) for retailers ... Read More

Agriculture (Crops)

Agriculture (Crops) Agriculture i.e. farming crops is another productive sector that MicroDahab focuses on PROJECTS Investing in Cooperatives Buy greenhouses for farmers Put lights for the ... Read More