Youth & Women

Youth and Women

MicroDahab has enabled the youth and women to develop or strengthen income-generating activities and has increased their monetary income, control over their income and bargaining power within the household. They are our main target group.

Currently, the youth unemployment rate in the Somali region is around 70%. MicroDahab addresses the crisis of youth unemployment through the youth themselves- by boosting youth-led businesses creation and enabling self-employment. We enable the Somali youth to engage in self-employment projects that generate income, thus allowing them to increase the standard of living for themselves and their families.

MicroDahab empowers women by increasing their access to microfinance services. Since 2014, over 9 thousand low-income women have improved their lives with the help of MicroDahab financial services.

Our formula to empower these women is simple: we give a small loan to a hardworking woman to start or expand her small business. She uses the profits she gets to fulfil one of her modest dreams. As her business succeeds and she pays the loan back to MicroDahab, those funds go back to work to making another woman’s dream come true. By supporting women’s economic participation, MicroDahab helps to empower women, thus promoting gender-equity and improving household well-being.

We do not require any collateral from our clients and Self Help Groups don’t need to provide a third-party guarantor.